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Gidday – thank-you for visiting our website; we hope you find it useful.

While designed specifically for ACEM (Australasian College for Emergency Medicine) trainees in preparation for their Primary Examination; the resources found here will undoubtedly be of use for anyone studying the 4 basic medical sciences (Anatomy; Physiology; Pharmacology and Pathology).

If you are preparing for the ACEM Primary you will find here materials designed specifically to help you navigate the vivas. We strongly believe that the vivas are the key to passing the Primary Exam and that it is the vivas where candidates need and can get the most help. There are a number of resources that will work in conjunction with each other and with your own study program – each are briefly explained below.

The site is navigated by two menus – the “Main Menu” along the top of the page (under the header image) gives access to all of the sites main content and the “Floating Menu” on the left-hand side of the page which gives links to additional information; links to our associated websites and links to other resources you may find useful in your study.

The Main Menu Items

  1. Combined Subject Vivas

    These are all of the vivas that have been asked by ACEM in the Primary Exams since the change to the “combined” format at the second sitting of 2013. They are copies of the original “Viva Sheets” provided to the ACEM examiners complete with answers, comments and the scoring system.

  2. Individual Subject Vivas

    Here you will find every individual question asked in the vivas since 2008. From 2008 to 2013 the vivas were given in each individual subject and from 2013 all 4 subjects have been combined in each viva. In this section of our website we have separated every viva question into its individual parts and presented them in their individual subjects. Each question has an answer and marking scheme associated with it which can be “revealed” by clicking on the question. This section is best used in groups as practice vivas.

  3. Summaries

    Here we have “dissected” every question asked in the Primary Exam vivas since 2013.2 and summarized all the relevant information for you.
    Questions from each of the four subjects are presented in spreadsheet format – grouped by core syllabus topics with associated keywords, relevant props (photos/models etc). The assigned Level of Assessment (LOA) for each topic/question is also included to guide the level of knowledge expected. Finally the year and viva session in which it was asked is also displayed.
    Using these summaries you will be able to identify commonly asked and high yield topics that can then be used to guide your study program.

  4. Tutorial Schedules

    Here you will find the current timetable for the formal Primary Examination Preparation Tutorials. Currently the schedule for the Nambour General Hospital is the only one available however we are happy to display the schedule of any other sites that wish to do so.

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